Sunday, April 27, 2008

Check. Check. Check.

Replaced Bilge Pump, Replaced Impeller, 4/27/2008

Today was a good day. All the problems of yesterday are solved:
  • The bilge pump replacement was the most interesting. The pump is way down the keel, and I couldn't imagine how I would possibly reach it to swap in a new one. Well, I don't know whether it was Cape Dory or the prior owner, but somebody did a really kind thing. The pump and float switch were mounted to the lower side of an "L" shaped panel. The upright portion of the "L" was screwed into the engine platform. Even so, it was barely reachable; Michele had to crawl down where I couldn't fit, and unscrew it. Once the panel was unscrewed, everything lifted out in once piece! The picture below shows the whole structure. I didn't have my camera, so I used the one on my phone. Not great quality, but I couldn't let this interesting piece go by without a picture. Anyway, West Marine had an identical pump, so swapping it out was easy.
  • The hot water is working now -- just needed to purge the air.
  • As for the impeller, I have no idea why it didn't prime. I got a brand new one today which came with some lubricant, and it slid right in. I poured water into the intake hose to help it prime, and it worked fine. The Jabsco impeller kit part number is 836-0001. I found the corresponding replacement kit at West Marine. I think the Jabsco part number for the impeller alone is 17935-0001.
  • The new windshield wipers are working great!
  • I tested the GPS/VHF wiring, and the VHF is getting and displaying position information. Can't wait to try a DSC call!
  • Last but not least, Michele did her usual incredible job cleaning the cabin, despite my tearing it up to do engine work almost as fast as she was cleaning.
Looking forward to getting out on the water...

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