Saturday, December 20, 2008

New Winter Cover

Covered for Winter, 12/15/2008

We had the boat hauled out at Herrington Harbor North this year, instead of at Shipwright. I once again have a few projects planned for the winter, and my understanding is that HHN provides much easier access to the boat, to water, and to electricity while the boat is on the hard.

This year, instead of paying for more shrinkwrap that we'd just throw away again in the spring, we invested in a winter cover from Fisher Canvas. It's expensive -- almost $1800 delivered -- but assuming it lasts (and it should), we'll recover the cost in 3 to 4 seasons. It's not all about cost, of course, but with that size investment, cost is certainly a factor. The cover is much nicer than shrinkwrap, and we put it on at our convenience.

It is, however, very heavy, so having an extra set of hands is helpful. Mark has a similar cover for Brandywine, so we helped each other get the covers on.

Before covering Mariner II, we removed our flybridge windshield. It is cracked, and I'm finally planning to have a replacement made for it this winter.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Winterized, 12/6/2008

The usual:
  • Pumped the holding tank
  • Emptied water tank
  • Bypassed and drained water heater
  • Filled fuel tank
  • Changed engine oil & filter
  • Changed transmission oil
  • Drain raw water from engine
  • Replaced engine zincs
  • Cleaned seawater strainer, refilled with pink antifreeze
  • Poured pink antifreeze in potable water tank, ran through all lines and faucets
  • Ran pink antifreeze through engine raw water system
  • Ran pink antifreeze through air conditioner
  • Pumped pink antifreeze through toilet to holding tank
  • Light general cleaning of engine
  • Sprayed Corrosion-x on electrical connections, fittings, etc.
Ready for winter haul-out!