Saturday, December 6, 2008


Winterized, 12/6/2008

The usual:
  • Pumped the holding tank
  • Emptied water tank
  • Bypassed and drained water heater
  • Filled fuel tank
  • Changed engine oil & filter
  • Changed transmission oil
  • Drain raw water from engine
  • Replaced engine zincs
  • Cleaned seawater strainer, refilled with pink antifreeze
  • Poured pink antifreeze in potable water tank, ran through all lines and faucets
  • Ran pink antifreeze through engine raw water system
  • Ran pink antifreeze through air conditioner
  • Pumped pink antifreeze through toilet to holding tank
  • Light general cleaning of engine
  • Sprayed Corrosion-x on electrical connections, fittings, etc.
Ready for winter haul-out!

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