Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Waxed, Repacked Rudder

Clean, Wax, Repack Rudder, 3/28/2009

Washed and waxed the hull (below the rubrail) over the weekend. Black streaks from rain run-off continue to plague me. A simple wash and wax didn't really do a very good job of removing the streaks. I'm not really keen on doing another cleaner/restorer pass, so this will have to do for this season. In the future, I think I'll try a more aggressive cleaner in these areas. Another guy in the yard used softscrub to remove the streaks, and it looked good. I'm sure it removes wax, but I'd follow with wax again anyway. I didn't bother washing and waxing the transom at this point, since I didn't want to get the unfinished swim platform wet.

I also repacked the rudder stuffing box, again, since it's still leaking. I was new at that chore last time, so maybe I messed it up. Or maybe the bearing needs replacing... but thought I'd give the repacking another try first.

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Jim said...

Joe, You may get this note twice if so I appologize. With reference to the streaking on the hull. I had a similiar problem on my boat and found the answer on some new boats that I saw at the boat show. These boats were coming from the factory with a strip of heavy duty plastic, roughly two inches by one foot long tucked up under the bottom edge of the rub rail. This exposed a strip of plastic about one inch below the rub rail for a foot in the area of the run off. What it did was to create a drip edge away from the hull, allowing the run off to drip directly to the water without running down the hull. My initial concern was that these strips would get in the way of docking or rafting up, turned out to not be a problem. I hope this suggestion will be of value to you.
I was also hoping to initialize a conversation with you regarding things to look out for in the purchsae of a CD28. I have just completed the sale of my Tiara 36 with the intention of heading for either a GB32 or a CD28. The later is in my favor at this time. I was hopeful you might tell me of any of the areas that need to be investigated when purchasing a CD28. I can be reached at either 772-285-7087 or itsjimk@yahoo.com. I hope to soon be member of the CD28 family and get to know you better.