Monday, September 14, 2009

Pram Canvas

The canvas cover for the dinghy is done! Mark, as usual, served as inspiration. We more-or-less copied his, except that ours doesn't come down the hull-sides as far as his. Our pram's hull is painted rather than varnished, so it doesn't need the same protection.

Most of the work was done at Mark's house over the weekend of 8/15, leaving just a few details for us to finish up the next week. Mark very generously helped with the whole process, and no doubt was as tired as we were after all the davit installation and canvas work!

Outlining the canvas:

Michele, on Mark's Pfaff, sewing the line into the channel around the edge:

The nearly-finished canvas:

Michele and I finished off the rest, which just involved adding a few grommets to tie down the canvas, and cutting/reinforcing holes in for the slings.

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