Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ready or Not

April 4-6, 2009

In past years, we had Mariner II hauled at our home marina, Shipwright Harbor. It's a relatively small marina with limited yard space, so the boats are crowded, making off-season work difficult. In winter 2008/2009, we were hauled and stored by Herrington Harbour North, because we had heard that they not only have a much more organized yard with power and water close by every boat, but also that they stay on time with their haul/launch schedule.

Well, the strict schedule came back to haunt us! We had been hoping for a little more prep time this year, but we had to finish up in a hurry, or miss our launch date and go to the end of the line. My sister Melanie and her daughter Adara, visiting from NY, helped us get the cover off, get some Cetol on the swim platform, etc. I did the bottom paint the next day.

Ready or not, she went in the water during the week of April 6. Once launched, we finished some of the remaining upkeep and recommissioning work over the next few weekends, including more Cetol work on the rest of the teak, general cleaning, etc. Waxing the topsides took us through May 16, as we worked it in between trips.

  • More Cetol work

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